Satellite GSM Backhaul Systems

The ATCi Satellite GSM Backhaul System is truly the whole package for your cell E1/T1 back haul needs - completely pre-tested for compression and satellite link for up to 8E1's or oneT1.  The package includes DCME equipment that can compress up to 8 E1s/T1s into one E1/T1 or even ½ E1/T1, reducing your satellite segment usage down to 0.70 MHz per 8 E1s or 0.50 MHz per 8T1s!  The satellite package links compressed E1/T1s to remote sites with high reliability and superb toll quality voice.



• Multiple E1/T1 — Design and Integration

• Advanced Compression — Drastically Reduces Satellite Segment Usage

• Connect Anywhere to Anywhere!

• Excellent Value — High Quality System at Affordable Price

• Rapid Return On Investment

• Quick Delivery Options Available

• Maintenance and Disaster Recovery Designs Available

• Reliable — Systems are 100% Tested