The 402LZ is a outdoor/indoor mounted fiber optic transmitter for RF signals in the satellite L-Band or wider frequency range. It accepts a single RF input on coaxial cable and provides a single output for optical transmission. Up to four 402LZ’s may be installed in the ATCi Link4i chassis.

• Wide frequency range for extended L-Band, over the air DTV and other signals

• Protocol independent design - transports all modulation formats

• DC pass through and 13V DC modes for LNB power

• Active LNB current limit & short circuit protection (no fuses needed)

• Minimizes coaxial cable length for superior C/N performance

• 22kHz tone on/off for LNB local oscillator control

• RF monitor output for signal peaking and signal distribution

• Tri-color LED status indicators for Link RF drive strength, LNB voltage and DC input voltage level

• Designed for extended temperature range operation

7708 / 7807LR SERIES


ATCi Link 4i Rackmount Chassis

The 7708 / 7807LR Series are modular L-Band fiber receiver cards that complete the link to the 402LZ fiber transmitters. These cards mount in the 7800FR series of modular frames, providing a highly flexible and completely hot swappable (without de-cabling coax or fiber) solution. The 7708LRA is a single channel card, while the 7807LR-2 is a dual-channel card which provides a high-density solution of up to 30 fiber receiver channels in a single 3RU frame.


The 7708 / 7807LR Series provide extensive monitoring and control capabilities both locally at the card edge and remotely through SNMP/VistaLINK®. SmartMON™ capability allows in-band monitoring data sent by a companion 402LZ to also be monitored locally or remotely through VistaLINK®.


• Built-in gain for optimal signal level tuning.


• Gain may be adjusted manually in 0.5dB steps, or through AGC or IGC modes. AGC automatically maintains a fixed

   target level, while IGC provides simple automatic compensation for fiber loss by making the output level track the

   input level at the SmartMON™-enabled fiber transmitter.


• Dual, isolated, full-power outputs may be used for extra signal distribution or monitoring functions


• RF output level is independent of optical loss (within available gain range)


• Protocol-independent – passes all modulation formats including 32APSK and other emerging technologies


• Industry’s best specs for frequency response, return loss and C/N, preserving signal quality across the fiber link


• Wide frequency range for extended L-Band, over the air DTV and other signals

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