The following are featured RCI Controllers.  ATCi carries the full line of RCI products.


The RC1500 is a single axis inclined orbit satellite tracking antenna controller which is designed to interface to antennas powered by 36 volt DC actuators with built-in limit switches and pulse type position sensors.  If the beam width of the antenna is much greater than the width of the pattern of the satellite’s apparent motion single axis tracking of inclined orbit satellites can be successfully implemented.  The RC1500 can either be used in conjunction with a steerable antenna whose plane of movement is aligned with the long dimension of the narrow figure eight pattern of the satellite’s apparent motion or with fixed antennas which employ a steerable feed assembly.  The RC1500 offers the following features:


• An intuitive user interface based on a 2 by 16 liquid crystal display and a 16 key keypad.

• Interfaces with pulse based position sensors - reed switch, Hall effect, or optical.

• Servo based polarization control. An optional daughter board, designated RC2KPOL, can interface with a 5 to 24

  volt DC powered rotating equipped with a potentiometer for position feedback.

• Serial communications via an RS-422 port. The RC1500 uses the industry standard SA Bus protocol.

  Rack Mounting (2 rack units high), 115/230 VAC Switch Selectable Power Input

RC2000A antenna controller is designed to interface with dual axis satellite antennas which employ pulse type position sensors.

Standard Features:


• Support for up to four steerable antennas and up to 16 receivers

• Schedule up to 200 daily or weekly events.

• Allows the user to customize the parameters of any transponder on any satellite (RF center frequency, IF

  bandwidth, audio sub-carrier frequencies, audio bandwidth, etc)

• Enhanced Versions of AutoPilot DLM

• Support for the following receivers: SA7500/7530A/7530I/9660, Standard MT810/MT830/MT830BR/MT930B,

  DX Communications DIR657A/B.

• Support for the following IRDs: Wegener DVR2000/Unity-4000, SA PowerVu 9222/9223/9225, Tiernan TDR7/60,

  Motorola/GI DSR 4000/4001/4800/4810, Tandberg Alteia, Tadiran Scopus (call for availability).

• Support for the following routing switch protocols: Leitch Video, Utah Scientific, PESA, Grass Valley, Image Video,

  Quintech (L Band switching).

• Support for the following video tape recorders: Sony RS-422 serial protocol, Panasonic RS-422 serial protocol,

  GPI control.

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