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7702DA & 7703DA Active L-Band Splitters 4-way / 8-way / 16-way


ATCi is proud to partner with Evertz.  The following are featured splitters products.  ATCi is also pleased to offer the entire Evertz line of splitters.

The 7702DA / 7703DA Active Splitters provide amplification and distribution of RF signals from 40MHz to 3GHz. They handle any RF input modulation format and provide 4, 8 or 16 isolated outputs for signal distribution. Typical applications include amplification and distribution of 950MHz - 2150MHz L-Band and 70MHz-140MHz IF signals. The 7702DA Series splitters are simple, unity-gain products while the 7703DA Series provides adjustable gain and extensive monitoring and control capabilities both locally at the card-edge and remotely through SNMP/VistaLINK®.


The 7702 / 7703DA Series mount in the 7800FR series of modular frames, providing a high density, highly flexible and completely hot swappable (without de-cabling) solution. Up to fifteen 4-way splitters and up to seven 8-way or 16-way splitters may be installed in a single 3RU frame.

• Wideband frequency response for use with L-Band, 70/140MHz IF and off-air DTV signals


• Protocol-independent – passes all modulation formats including 32APSK and other emerging technologies


• Industry’s best specs for frequency response, return loss and C/N, preserving signal quality throughout the

  distribution system


• High port-to-port isolation to minimize cross-loading effects


• Fully hot-swappable from the front of the frame

The 7703DA Series adds

• Output gain of -10dB to +20dB manually adjustable in 0.5dB steps


• AGC mode with adjustable target level


• Input RF signal strength and LNB current monitoring indication


• Optional LNB power (@ +13V or +18V DC with built-in current limiting) and 22kHz tone for LO control


• LNB power option includes LNB current monitoring with adjustable alarm thresholds for monitoring LNB health


• Remote monitoring through SNMP and VistaLINK® capability

ATCi is proud to partner with Motorola and Cisco.  The following are featured receiver products.

Motorola Receivers

• Delivers 256 and 64 QAM satellite multiplexes

• Concurrent decryption of up to 24 services, each service may include video, multiple audio channels and data

• DHEI and ASI inputs and outputs.  Selectable 38.8 (default) or 26.97 Mbps transport outputs

• MCPC and SCPC operation

• Dual L-Band input ports

• 1RU chassis

• Analog video and audio for local monitoring

The new DSR-4402X IRD from Motorola brings the latest technology advances from the recognized leader in satellite program delivery.  Building on the DigiCipher® II platform, the DSR-4402X IRD is affordable and easy to use.  Start with the new packaging design that fits in a standard 19 inches of relay rack and requires only a single rack unit of space.  The DSR-4402X is designed to deliver outstanding video and audio performance in either DigiCipher II or DVB modes.  This receiver can output either NTSC or PAL video formats, automatically matching the programmer's video format.

As networks expand in complexity extended IRD control becomes crucial to successful operations.  The Motorola DSR-4500X combines advanced control capabilities with the proven reliability of a Motorola full featured integrated receiver/decoder.  The Motorola DSR- 4500X features extensive control functionality from both the uplink and headend.  The DSR-4500X accepts control commands from the uplink for channel changes, port configuration and installation parameters.  From the headend, full control of the Motorola DSR-4500X is available via an SNMP agent on the Ethernet port.  The Ethernet port also supports the programmer’s advanced network functions by outputing multicast Internet Protocol data from the uplink.

Cisco Receivers

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