Press Releases

January 22, 2015


ATCi Customizes Simulsat Transport System for Pacific Region

January 20, 2015


ATCi Introduces TE-3000 Spectrum Analyzer Test

September 15, 2014


European Broadcasters Embrace Revolutionary Low-Cost Satellite Flyaway System from ATCi

June 18, 2014


ATCi Provides Flyaway Antenna Packages to Extreme Conflict Areas in the Middle East and Southeast Asia

June 17, 2014


ATCi Tailors Simulsat Transport System for Asian Market

May 1, 2014


ATCi Implements Free Content Transport Aggregation Model

April 29, 2014


ATCi Introduces Mobile Studio Kit/Low Cost Flyaway Antenna Package

April 8, 2014


Top Multimedia Retailer Upgrades Legacy Simulsat 5 Antenna System to New Simulsat 5B Antenna System

March 6, 2014


ATCi Offers LiveStreamPac Mobile Broadcast System Rentals to Russia and Ukraine

February 26, 2014


Warrior Satellite Monitoring and Surveillance System Manifests Quantum Certification

February 12, 2014


ATCi Announces the Deployment of Next Generation Lawful Interception Tools

January 30, 2014


Largest Telecommunications Company in Latin America Selects ATCi’s Next Generation Matrix and Content Aggregation Systems

for New Super Headends

January 8, 2014


ATCi’s  LTE 4G LiveStreamPac Mobile Broadcasting System Hits CES 2014

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