ATCi offers the complete line up of Evertz XPRF and L-Band routers.


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The XPRF14 is a class-leading RF router platform that has been built based on the Evertz extensive experience in the RF routing industry. Evertz RF router solutions have a field-proven track record in hundreds of installations, providing reliable and high-performance service to premier facilities worldwide.

The XTREME​ 256 defines the next generation of L-band matrix switching systems featuring 256 ports in a compact 12 RU chassis. The system is a full fan-out, non-blocking L-band RF Matrix Switch, whereas any input can be routed to any or all outputs.

The XTREME 80 next generation L-band matrix switch features 80 ports in a compact 2 RU chassis. The XTREME 80 is a full fan-out (distributive), non-blocking switch where an input can be routed to any or all outputs.


The XTREME 80 features an industry exclusive flexible matrix architecture (patent pending) that supports both symmetric and asymmetric configurations of 80 combined inputs and outputs in a single chassis.


Asymmetric configurations such as 16x64, 8x56, and more can be implemented as well as the standard 32x32 configuration. It is designed for maximum reliability with redundant power and control cards.

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